No Idea What You Call That

The breadth of topics in the book thread always amazes me. But, before I refresh and get more comments...


In reply to my Invulnerable story pimping 2 weeks ago, weirdflunkyonatablet #287 replied:

I just finished it. I have no idea what you call that or what you're supposed to do with it but I liked it.

If anyone here is thinking about reading MW's story don't get hung up with the cartoon beginning, it changes to something else entirely.

Like said, I liked it.

I think this is an Optimal Review. I chuckled, because, "no idea what you call that or what you're supposed to do with it" is exactly how I felt about it since I did it. Glad you liked it, WeirdFlunky - that is the main thing.

As I've said before, I started out doing sketches as if for a graphic novel (comicbook), but very quickly I felt my cartooning abilities weren't up to the serious narrative task, and moreover the narrative started spewing forth almost faster than I could handwrite it, so it starts with the cartoon sketches and then goes to text.

The cartoon part is mostly-raw scans of my original sketches, only the lettering computer-typeset to improve readability, and some cleanup and shading added. So, I said a character in the story did the art.

The whole thing was kind-of a first draft, but I published what I had as-was, just because I may never get it beyond that. I do have a bunch of additional illustrations I've been meaning to tip in - finished color pix as opposed to the b&w sketches. One of these days when my time isn't utterly consumed... with reading AoS threads....