No similarity between Carter and Obama eras. None.

What are you trying to imply? I see absolutely no similarity here.

Plainly, during Carter, the world was monochromatic. That man is burning the gray#9, white, and gray#4. The people are all the gray-skinned people. What happened to them, huh? One word: Buuu ush. You can't see any flames, just a bunch of "smoke." So on top of everything else, this has clearly been darkroomshopped.

Obama the rainbow bringer has hoped and changed everything. Color, man! That's what I see in that second picture. Vivid red! Bright White! Velvety Blue! Bright orange flames! They soaked that flag in clean-burning E5 ethanol, too. Sad about that smoke inhalation death thing, though, wow. But that was the flag, not the ethanol.