Of all the little handle bits

#8 [32 names] 'mindful webworker - simple solutions from a simple mind'

32 names that you know of ...
Mwah haaaa hhgg.. uggghhh ::cough::

Of all the little handle bits, though, that could end up on the list, could have been worse than the "simple solutions" one. And has been.

Just in case I don't get back with another comment:

1. Hello.

2. I watched Ronald Reagan's speech for Goldwater with my daughter tonight. Edifying and horrifying half-hour. I think the only thing missing from a total parallel with the current situation is... where's a Barry Goldwater?

3. If I don't post again, I'm lurking. Don't look behind that potted plant in the corner. What... what is that plant?

4. Last-minute costume worries solved: click my nick. (SFW - but horrifying)