On the Lookout for Anachronisms

Hi again. Home again.

Some mentions upthread of The Day After. Reminded me that the series The Americans is set in the '80s. Always on the lookout for anachronisms, but they do pretty well on keeping it period.

There's some funny things. Lots of spies-using-pay phones. Pay phones!

Last season, they got up to where The Day After played. Everyone was watching it, FBI guys, the spy family, the Commies. It brought home the impact the show had.

Besides Day After, that period had lots of Nuke War talk. Every newsmagazine cover had it. Worse than the 1960s, at times. That was when Milady and I decided there weren't gunna be no nuke war, really, and trusting in God we proceeded to joyously engage in creating a 2nd kid. Be careful what you ask for. We got twins.