Oughta-See Video

Oughta-See Video
(Not quite Must See Tee Vee - suggestions, not demands)

• Wow! It's baldilocks!

Columnist Philip Ochieng reunites with daughter after 54 years
Kenya CitizenTV (3:17)

• A good speech. I've spent worse quarter-hours.

Mark Levin FULL SPEECH at Conservative Review Conference - 2_18_16
Beats Streams (14:21)

• Compare and contrast with Levin's event:

'This Is How the Fascists Do It':
Watch How Protesters Try to Shut Down Ben Shapiro's Campus Lecture
TheBlazeNow (3:0

• Election year humor as palate cleanser

Honest Campaign Ads:
Bernie Sanders - Townhall Parody
Townhall Media (0:46)

• Amusing promo, and a bit different from Colin.

The Future of Gun Control
Colion Noir (3:5

• Check this Bible and then see the burned-out car interior!

Miracle: Driver Survives Huge Car Fire
Thanks To Good Samaritans
And A Bible Is The Only Item Recovered
All People (1:31)