Personal Big Brother Devices

A reminder. Sunday is a good time to replace that pocket lint-infested tape over the cell cam lenses.

I prefer a "freezer tape" bandage with a "pad" of a small square of paper (color post-it notes are handy) cut to fit over the lens. Smaller version on the front. Remember, you want translucent, not opaque, because some functions derive from luminance level.

Mindful brand cell lens bandages on sale soon. Or not.

Also, to block audio, you need a dummy plug with four contacts. Any fewer, and Bob and Edna at the NSA can still hear you. Hi, Bob. Hi, Edna.

And when possible, keep GPS off. In fact, when possible, power the damned thing off. In fact, throw the whole spying mark of the beast device away!

Uh... sorry. Got carried away. Keep calm and carry on.