Putting the Seat Down

Grey Fox: "Besides, I always understood that closing the toilet was a matter of appearance and smell, not the inability of the females to close the lid on their own."

Look, folks, Milady & I got together in the mid-70s. We were there when most of this modern fem lib stuff got started. I yam a author'ty.

It's the toilet seat, not the lid.

And any man who sat down, in the dark or too sleepy to check, and found he'd left the seat up, can sympathize. (Low-hanging danglies might even touch the drink!) O, manly man, the person you leave the seat down for may be yourself.

Of course, the problem there is, standing in the dark or to sleepy to check, and peeing on the seat. Logic suggests for this reason alone, leaving the seat up should be the default, but logic has little place in relationships.

So, Milady & I did the math. Women needed to sit 100% of the time. Men need to sit X% of the time. So, in a two person home, try to leave the seat up ((100 + X) / 2)% of the time. Then we had a daughter... then we had two songs... Fortunately, by that time we could run spreadsheets on desktops to keep track.

Seriously, though, when we'd visit my brother's ex, with her daughter by a previous marriage, and my two nieces, I always left the seat up, even if I'd been sitting.