Rambling Psychobabble

anti-socialist: I'm going to put aside a long standing grudge and watch the usually awful SNL, tonight.

No grudge, just taste, but we haven't watched an SNL since Milady's childhood friend left the cast, lonnng time ago,* but we're going to be down at Mom's tonight, and I'm going to at least stay up to watch the start of the show on her big screen teevee.

Mostly because I enjoyed Trump's skit with whowasit? Kimmel pretending to be Trump looking in a mirror. And I want to see if riots erupt.

*(Said friend a full-blown radical leftie with whom Milady hasn't had contact in a long time, and studiously dodged all political discussions when she did, and who (friend) is now writing "rambling psychobabble" against Trump's appearance on SNL. Yeah, her. http://bit.ly/1NzkWYJ )