Real Men Eat Quiche and Quinoa

Viridian: Why wouldn't [real men] eat [quinoa]?

Because they never had my wife's? Often strays with a tortilla crumb crust...


Morning, Glories!

Got up at 7 this morning; practically like sleeping 'til Noon for me. Pets had to be dealt with immediately!!11! They make no allowances for cool Summer morning laziness!

We have an outdoor sprayer set up for washing dog, cars, stuff. And me, some mornings; lovely view. So here we are, 20th of July, in Oklahoma, and with the sun already up, it's still to cool to shower outside today.

What is more amazing than how the kind of folks who believe in Anthro Global Climate F'age are shown to be so completely in error is that they never seem to learn.


Maverick, sitting on the hotel porch, whittling, saying, "I'm working on it..." Don't recall the name of the episode, but it was a classic. When TV had writers!