Reliving Lewinsky

On the day GW Bush was sworn in, our sunset was a spectacularly perfect red, white and blue. I have rarely been so grateful to the Most Highs as I was that day. Not only did we not suffer President Al Gore, but, whatever happened, whatever his policies, I knew without a doubt that George Bush would never, ever be caught with a bimbo in the closet. We would no longer have sexual antics be the thrust (…!) of Presidential news.

Now, here's that awful Lewinsky woman again, proving she's still an idiot and, in the process, the whole smarmy era is resurrected.

Well, at least it can't help Hillary.

Speaking of Hallowe'en masks, this webwork from last year is "trending" (a trickle), apparently due to seasonal searches:
Scary Halloween Masks 2013 (Women's)
Accessorize with bad outfits and shrill snarls.

Never did get around to doing the scary men's masks.