Return the Clocks to God's Time

Morning, Glories! Cool and drizzly in NE OK this AM. Looks like a Halloween week ought to look.

Just finished catching up on the Vic News and wanted to wave hello before the next thread came along.

Been getting to bed early but sleeping late, which makes for good rest, but only half qualifies me for healthy, wealthy and wise. Makes participating in the morning thread harder too, as I spend what little time I have just reading the healthy wealthy wisdom of the commentariat here.

But in a couple of days, everybody else will return the clocks to God's time but my schedule will not change. Haven't had coffee yet, but I think that means I'll have an hour advantage on the morning.

Going to read the rest of the comments now. Think I'll read from both ends to the middle. That should be interesting!

Ooops. Pets demand feeding first. Bye.