Rode Disney's Monorail

Did not read the whole thing because, do not care to load my brain up with all the details on lib rail fail.

When I was younger, a child who rode Disney's monorail when it was new, I envisioned automated (not necessarily mass) transportation as a great thing. Getting from here to there as easily as entering an address in the URL field on a browser. Drunkenly slurring "Home, Jeeves," and the car does the rest.

The disadvantages began gradually making themselves known, but, even though I truly enjoy manually navigating old roads, on long, long Interstate drives, I still sometimes could wish for automation so I could sleep, or web-browse.


I did a 30-panel collage-cartoon, of sorts, exploring the ideas of mass- and automated-transport. When you have half a day to read it (thick going), you might (or might not) enjoy my illustrated musings:

Getting from Here to There