Seed ticks

Morning, Glories.

Y'all know what seed ticks are? First encountered them decades ago at my brother's country place in Arkansas. For off Us75 adults were sitting outside. My step-niece runs up to him, holding out her arm, yelling 'seed ticks!' Brother reaches for a roll of tape, kept at hand outdoors.

I looked at her arm, but only saw the tiniest of black dots. Suddenly, to my horror, the spot starts breaking up into a brazillion barely-visible pinpoint ticks, dispersing rapidly, and relatively evenly in every direction, on the surface of her forearm. 'Alien' didn't terrify me a fraction as much as seeing this.

Brother begins dabbing at her arm with the tape, picking up the whole mass of the evil bloodsuckers. Just another family day in the Arkansas woods.

Ticks suck. And they're out in force here in Oklahoma this month, doubtless compensating for the long winter.

God could never have intended ticks. I blame Lucifer.