Self-Reveal On the Hot Dog Ketchup Controversy

Now caught up to my second comment at #476... how far behind have I fallen now? And I think I'm reading more slowly as the night wends on.

Been meaning for some time to self-reveal on the hot dog ketchup controversy.

I was raised super whitebread (not to be confused with the Capt.), and to me a hot dog was Wonder™ bread buns, dog (don't know what, probably Oscar Meyer™ or something common like that), and ketchup - probably Heinz 57®. As I got a little older, I did try mustard (yellow French's &sect and even relish. But always ketchup.

I grew up, didn't eat hot dogs for a long time, then lived in Chicago for fourteen years, where I learned a hot dog is a much different critter! Pass the onion salt.

I would mention my attitude toward ketchup today, but since I was taken to task by a Moron once for just mentioning slicing bananas on my cereal, I don't think I could stand the ensuing harsh personal criticism - being a delicate safe-space needing little guy... in my seventh decade.