Short, Stubby Fingers

Short, stubby fingers. Photographic proof!

In before 100, maybe? Gotta quit early tonight, anyway. Got a tomorrow awaiting.

Unusual day. Friend of our daughter's is getting married. He has asked me to officiate their nuptials.

I've been a gen-u-wine registered minister for nearly forty-five years, but almost no one knows - Universal Life Church, FWIW - yeah - and I've never been asked to officiate at baptism, wedding, funeral, or anything else, even by friends & family who know.

I might get stage fright and faint.

So, I had a serious preliminary interview with him today. His wife is still in Thailand at the moment - no, no, it's not what you're thinking, you Morons - they're serious and in love - so I'll talk with the two of them when she's in the USA next month.

She wanted someone to marry them who was older than they, married only once, and had children - it's a Thai thing. I happen to qualify. As far as that goes.

Talked about devotion, fidelity, children, faith (they're both Buddhists!). Told him, whether they want to take advantage of it or not, I would consider myself their marital counselor for life.

Forced me to take myself seriously. That was different.

Thanks, daughter, for the recommendation.