Somebody Owes Me a Good Night's Sleep!

Somebody owes me a good night's sleep!

Hit the hay about 10:30, woke up about 1:30, and never really got solidly back to sleep. I must've dozed some or I wouldn't be functional right now, but mostly I remember trying every get-comfy-and-relax trick I know to no avail.

Had some time to thank God and stuff like that, anyway. So, not a complete loss.

When I realized it was getting light out, I was amazed. Don't know what's up with that. Milady's spaghetti casserole last night? Mind still agitated by too much bold text? Yes, I will blame Danube.

Lovely sunrise developing out there, though. In the twilight I could just make out deer grazing by the old graveyard. And I can see young calves prancing in the pasture.

Morning, Glories! Forward! Into the Fog!