Sorry Mgmt

Ah, home at long last, where I can pour myself a beverage, kick off my shoes and other articles of attire, and lounge among the weirdest weirdos of the web for a few minutes before retiring.

Y'know, that grade school English schoolmarm who lives in my head just never lets go.

We went to the grocery store on our way home, of necessity (no bacon). At the self-help checkout lanes, I saw a whiteboard on which was written, "No coupon's at self-service lane. Sorry Mgmt." I blurted out to the checker (young fellow, not devoid of a sensahumor) that there were no coupons allowed because of sorry management. Hahaha. And remarked on the possessive form of coupon. "Just move that apostrophe down as a comma after "sorry," and it'll be all right.

Then Milady pointed out the headline on the Tulsa World. "Guns used in most domestic deaths." Um, really? I mean, murders, suicides, and self-defense deaths, yeah, I can see, but I don't think they really mean most domestic deaths.

Langwich. How do it werk?

So, gimme the 5¢ version of what's been said tonight so I don't have to read 500 comments!?