Spiraling Book Stack

Book experience of the week:

Milady noticed that a stack of books on one shelf had spiraled* a bit, and we think that may have been from the earthquake yesterday morning. Silly, but she took a picture.

Spiraled: from bottom to top book, horizontal rotation counter-clockwise, each a couple of degrees more rotated than the one below it. I guess her picture might be worth at least those 22 words.

Good morning.

I had a long and detailed dream about living in a very small, isolated, impoverished town with a corrupt mayor and sheriff, where I somehow got myself elected vice-mayor and the mayor was out to get me. Then CNN rolled into town but I didn't know what they were reporting on. If I did, I thought, I might have had a good story to work up. Had everything except the main mystery. Dreams rarely seem as usably story-like once I wake up.