Technology Has Been at War With Me All Week

Siiiigh! Hello.

Technology has been at war with me all week. Haven't been able to keep up with the news, or follow much on Ace, posts or, especially, comments.

Naturally, this is while I'm struggling to get my latest video up prior to the election. Barely made it, got it posted this evening. Webworkshop #13 - Election 2016 Edition. Link in nic. Political satire and commentary, interrupted by three old political-ish songs (demonstrating why I don't do those anymore). Enjoy, spread the word to friends & enemies, embed, like, comment, and donate if you can so I can win the war against crumbling technology.

Now, off to read the no-doubt magnificent ONT post and find out what I've missed during the week. That is, if the computer doesn't fritz out on me again.