The Shroud

Hi again.

Here's what Milady and I were watching instead of my reading all your lovely comments tonight:

Documentary | Jesus and the Shroud of Turin
Daniel Bilodeau / YouTube 51:50

I've read about the Shroud for over 40 years, but learned a lot from this, including about biology (flowers & pollen on the Shroud), chemistry (limestone from the tomb), its history, and why the 1980s carbon dating "refutation" was invalid.

It's always tough to watch or read about analysis of the image on the Shroud. Uncontrollable dusty-eyed-ness for those of us who love Jesus.

Here's an article about the Shroud & facecloth:
Two Old Cloths
Binky, steynian

...If these two relics are original and authentic, they reveal to us a snapshot of two related moments from Good Friday, Jerusalem, most likely on Friday, April 3, A.D. 33. They show us the image of a body which has been tortured, crucified and killed, but a body which did not decay, and which somehow vanished from the burial cloths leaving a very unusual image on the Shroud, by means yet unknown and undiscovered.,,,

Here's what the Urantia Book "revelation" has to say about the method of dissolution of Jesus' body, which - regardless of what anyone thinks about the "authenticity" of the Urantia Book - is an utterly consistent explanation for the "inexplicable" method of the Shroud image (by angelic request, the "near-instantaneous dissolution" of Jesus' mortal remains):

Capriciously, here's Jerusalem Report, a mindful cartoon webwork from 2013, imagining reporting on miraculous events one week in Jerusalem, in a kind of steampunk 1st Century, based very loosely on the UB.

Finally, a thought to consider.

There were maybe one and a half million Jewish pilgrims from all over the Roman Empire and Mesopotamia, in Jerusalem that week, many of whom would return home with tales of the one who was crucified but rose again.

Pretty good politics, that timing.

tl;dr: Love one another.