They Killed Kenny

You know that old kids' toy where there are different shapes like triangles and circles and squares and you can rearrange them to make -- abstract-looking shapes? Never had it, nor did our kids, but, I remember commercials for it.

You know that long-running animated series where the art looks like it was done with that abstract shapes toy? The show has little kids as main characters - I think it's the one with the "they killed Kenny" running gag, although I've never watched the show. And the classic, oft-referenced licking up tears scene.

There's a character on there with a name something like "Cardamom," isn't there?

I was trying to make a joke to Milady as I added some Cardamom to my warm beverage, but couldn't remember any of the above-mentioned elements.

I obviously need more stiffer beverage. Or ten hours' sleep. Or a cultural information upgrade. Or to not try to make stupid jokes at 2 in the morning.

Cartman! That's the name, right? Now, what was the series? and the toy?? Oh, never mind. I quit caring several paragraphs back.