Trump and the Scouts

Didn't catch the beginning of Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts, but I caught a good portion of it, live.

Parents, Boy Scout members, and scoutmasters were equally livid about the event.

Yeah. Sure. Those whiners quoted above are welcome to their - undoubtedly extreme-minority - opinions. 39,900 Scouts might not agree.

I'll admit, I also thought that he kind-of wandered into politics too deeply. (Well, he did have 45 minutes to fill!) Nothing wrong with the MAGA part, but recalling election night and deriding Hillary and Obama seemed out of place. (Except for mentioning Obama never coming to the Jamborees - who could resist that zinger!) But he brought it all back to America's appreciation of Scouts, and the importance of Scouting values. It was, as Rush said this morning, The Donald being The Donald.

If Obama had attended, I'm sure his speech would have been clean, articulate, with nice pants creases, and absolutely nothing political.

The Scouts seemed to appreciate all of it, and Trump was reveling in it, always amusing to see.

Hey, the pic from Weasel Zippers didn't show up. They don't let you hot-link. You've got to download a pic to your computer and upload it to WordPress, or something (don't ask me how, I don't have a WP blog). I looked for vid of the Dems booing the Scouts in 2000, but I couldn't find any.