Upon America's Honor

Upon America's Honor
It truly is a stain
We haven't get proper treatment for
Poor Senator John McCain

—Karma Shave


I like the stale end oof the ONT - always interesting.


"Bundy's view on race has nothing to do with the brownshirts that attacked him. To conflate the two means you are a FUCKING MORON."
—Old Grizzled Gym Coach

I presume you are responding to the post, v a comment.

I've no insight into Maet's mind, but I don't see the matters as having been conflated. I believe the point is not that Maet is a small-m moron, but that the Masses, the public is full of a) morons who will conflate those issues and b) propagandists for the enemy who will play to that ignorance.

There are other ways to be a moron....

Writing is tedious! Surely the new post is long since up now?