Walking a country road in the middle of the night

Driving home, just beyond our driveway, Mrs sees someone walking, Westward, away from us. Near Midnight, country road, pedestrian, suggests domestic quarrel or alcohol.

After we pulled up to the house, we heard a clamor from the dogs across the road, West of us. Kept up for a while. "Barking at the pedestrian," I say to the Mrs.

After some more barking, a rifle shot rang out. Not too high a caliber, in my unlearned estimate, but it would put a sting on you. That was no target practice shot.

After that, neighbor dogs were silent. I don't ever see out good dog leave our yard, but I was glad anyway that i had just seen him in front of the house. It was actually strangely silent. A cricket or two, no wind, no traffic. Stood there listening for a whIle. Then we bundled cats and dog into the house and locked out the world.

All is well, as far as I know. Life is ... interesting.

Hi, y'all.