What happened to these news stories?

What's on my mind today, besides sorrow for the dead, wounded, and emotionally traumatized of Norway, is how "one thing pushes out another" as Mr Butterburr said.

Anyone remember that flooded nuke plant in Nebraska that was rumored to be going the way of the tsunami-struck Japanese plant? Don't worry. Everything's fine there. So they say. And by fine I mean it only cost $26 million, some of which may be defrayed by federal money.

I've been busy, but still mean to get back to my congressman, asking (so I can get another form-letter reply) why the meaningless-vote against our ILLEGAL involvement in Libya yet voting for continuing funding? There's apparently still ongoing but meaningless noise about our military adventurism. At least Ron Paul has his own reasoning for not voting for limited funding. saying it would, in effect, legalize the war. Others say they don't want to be unsupportive to NATO! Has anyone heard any reasoning from West or Bachmann or anyone else supporting the war in Libya? And while we're at it, not long ago we heard that we're now in Somalia. And Yemen. Where did that news go? We're increasing bombing in Somalia according to this report by Abayomi Azikiwein in "Workers World," which looks like a communist site. Oh, wait, here's a Jun 30 Fox News report about our drones being involved in Somalia. And our involvement in Yemen goes on, according to Salon. The rest of the news sources? Nothing in a quick search.

Then there's Pigford. West issued a kind of a Kerry-style "I was for the bill before I was against it" apology in one interview. Investors Business Daily calls for investigation, noting that "Seventy-nine Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted last week against an amendment ... that would have blocked the government from paying out additional billions for the Pigford II settlement [including] Rep. Darrell Issa...." I tried to track down the amendment and who voted how on it, but got lost in the thicket of legislative details, amendments and resolutions and crap. The way our government runs is a mess.

You really have to wonder,
as they throw our dollars away,
In the land of We the People,
just who in hell are they?