What NUCCA does

»» the sort of stuff that chiropractors do, except they are also real doctors and aren't going to tell you that aligning your spine will cure your cancer or other such bullsh*t.
—Conservative Crank

Don't want to argue medical approaches, but, I would never recommend a regular chiro. I do recommend upper cervical adjustment (if you need it) as done by Dr Brooks in Tulsa. Simple, gentle, effective, and, once it "takes," permanently effective, or at least it was for our many family members who have been to him.

Mrs Webworker had this (NUCCA) recommended to her by her med pro sister ("nurse" doesn't quite cover it). Went first to a quack who was trained by Brooks (we later discover) but "Christ" revealed to him a better way... thank Christ that jerk did no lasting damage to her. After that, we found the real deal. A lifetime of migraines (the Mrs's; I had other probs) eradicated forever convinced me.

Carol: NUCCA - it's the sound Curly the Stooge made while doing that thing with his fingers.

It's a specific, specialized type of chiropracty, much despised by many regular chiro docs because it actually works, and m/l permanently, which makes the regular chiros and their next-appointment industry look even worse than their already poor reputation.

Involves the gentle (hardly feel it) re-seating of the Atlas bone, the "free-floating" top vertabra that holds up the head, to a position where it is not pressing on the spinal cord. A tiny action with a universe of relief. If you needed it.

I should put all this on a web page so I can just say, look here. Sorry for the lecture length.

Take all recommendations at your own risk; I am not worth suing.