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Regarding "Kevin Williamson... dissing the entire pseudoscience canon...."

/hops on soapbox

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»» the sort of stuff that chiropractors do, except they are also real doctors and aren't going to tell you that aligning your spine will cure your cancer or other such bullsh*t.

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HBD Sherry McEvil. I'd recommend my chiropractor on the 30th floor of that cylindrical tower at 21st & Denver, but nobody takes chiro recommendations.

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My name is not Gaia. I don't even know any Gaia. I know a Luna, she and I hang out a lot. But no Gaia.

Have you met my chiropractor, Dr. Smod?

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Upper cervical maladjustment is, I've learned, quite common but rarely diagnosed and treated properly. There may be other causes for migraines, but if anyone is suffering from migraines, I'd tell them, the best first place to start looking for help would be getting checked out by a genuine, certified NUCCA practitioner.

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