What Will the Next President Be Facing?

Lincolntf: "...he just moved paperwork around and magically became a zillionaire..."

Nice work if you can get it!


Consider: What will the next President (God grant that we survive and have a next President) be facing?

Absolute repeal of Obamacare: Romney? I don't think so.

Dismantling of most of the Alphabet agencies and the legislation by regulation power structure. Who can sell that while doing it rigorously?

Re-establishment of border security and serious return to sensible immigration. This includes a complete re-organization of socialist support systems like minimum wage and welfare, starting with cutting off all non-citizens.

Put Ron Paul in charge of unmaking the Fed Reserve, the only possible use for him.

Restoration of our military, from the command to the material.

Restoration of alliances with our abandoned neighbors, from Israel to Poland to Japan.

An economy which has been gutted, a manufacturing base (taxes!) to be restored, employment to be restored.

Leading the world in destroying IS to the last man. And this will probably be after the next 9/11 type attack, with a few major American cities hit, and possibly a huge refugee and cleanup problem.

And on top of that, we might expect, several raging epidemics, and a natural disaster or two (viz: Icelandic Volcano about to pop, drought).

And remember, even with an allegedly Republican-controlled House and Senate, the Enemy infiltrates every level of government, education, media, and entertainment, and apparently pretty much owns the courts.

Just off the top of my head.

(Looking over what I just listed)

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