Who Munges the Watchmen?

Just from the artistic standpoint: I learned the hard difference between original work and franchise that month when I picked up Spider-Man and it wasn’t by Ditko! I was young and naive, and I might have recovered from that, but not the loss of Ditko on Dr Strange, too! And then Kirby left Marvel and my childhood ended.

I’m not usually a hoarder-collector, but I bought the whole Watchmen series and stored sets for my kids (who now grown are of course great fans of the work). Re-read it recently. It’s still great.

Despite all trepidations and warnings, I actually watched about one minute of the Watchmen movie (borrowed — didn’t spend any money on it). Just freaked me out to see something so visually well-realized, immediately futzing with the delicately-constructed work. Like the live-action Avatar (the Airbender one), which looked good right up until someone spoke. Damslamshamalyan! http://youtu.be/hksKLHt9Kzg

That said, I enjoyed the Watchmen extra bits like well-made fan flicks. Maybe like Mike Gold said, those worked because they were adaptations in another medium as well as outside the original story?

Yes, truly, Watchmen is perfectly self-contained and replete. But it can work in an alternate medium. See: http://youtu.be/YDDHHrt6l4w