Why I Buy a Ticket

Book thread up. Good, maybe this won't get seen. :/

Stop me if you've heard this one. I've seen it in various forms, but I first read it in Jewish, so I'll make my no-doubt insulting attempt to emulate that. And I'll try to shorten the joke from its traditional telling.

There's different set-ups. Here's how I read it. Moishe was a good man. (How'm I doin' so far?) He kept the commandments, attended Synagogue, did all the right stuff (help me out Jewish friends) devoutly. But Moishe always wanted to win the lottery.

This is where the longwinded part goes, talking about Moishe praying all through his long life to win the lottery, always being devout, never winning.

Finally Moishe is an old, old man and he sends his prayer heavenward, Haven't I been good, kept the Commandments, attended Synagogue, [etc.]? Why can I not win the lottery?

The heavens cloud up and darken. Lightning flashes, thunder rolls, and a mighty voice booms out,

"Moishe! Meet me half-way! Buy a ticket!"