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Spinach? Okay, a little late on that topic, but how often do I get a hook to hang this 2012 cartoon on?

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Subjects: Guru Radd Dadd, spinach

The day of the year we set aside to honor the Obamas, their administration, and all the supportive network of regressives and their cohorts and dupes.

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, spinach

Hey, you've got a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth there. You're welcome.

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Subjects: Big Brother, spinach
Strong to the Finich
And so, the indisputable wisdom of Guru Radd Dadd
brings the year 2012 to a nominious close.
Cartoon added on 2012 Dec 31
Subjects: Guru Radd Dadd, bumper sticker wisdom, spinach