Ace Home for Tough Camaraderie Therapy

Is this the Ace Home for Tough Camaraderie Therapy about which I've heard such wonderful things?

The floors are stickier than I imagined.

* pulls up chair *

I'm so depressed. I hardly know why I'm bothering to write, so full am I of angst and despair.

Sure, it's a perfect Spring night, all our cats are accounted for, there's a full moon for the dog to howl at, and I have a tasty nightcap and amusement galore packaged in gray boxes on my monitor screen, but, but, what's it all mean? what's it all about? what's it all for?

*sighs deeply* *gulps drink*

Hey! Cheetoes and sour cream dip on the buffet!

* sniffs sour cream dip to be sure *

So, what's everybody else been doin?