Caturday Tale of Chony

From the Middle of America!
It's Caturday Niiiiight!

My son was in college when he decided to pick up a cat from the shelter. If you pluck the wings off the black dragon in How to Train Your Dragon, you've got his cat. He named it Onyxia for some reason, but fortunately, the little black kitty got the nick of just "Ony."

And where did Ony live after sonny boy left college? Mom and Dad's of course. Along with son's roommate's cat "Dude," who was two paws in the grave when we got him, and died soon after, much to Ony's distress.

Entirely separately, a couple of years ago, a semi-feral cat we called Max (also black, no relation) showed up one morning with a little yellow fuzzy kitty in tow. That kitty just walked into our house, our lives, and our hearts like he always belonged.

Charlie was a tonic for Ony. They soon became good pals and ever since they've nuzzled and licked, chased, and wrestled, and played like kittens. When they tumble around, they can leave a streak of orange and black fur.

Charlie and Ony (sometimes aka "Chony)
They're our Halloween kitties.
No, we don't dress them in costumes.

This pic is a little fuzzy, but so are they.