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I've always admired the work of political - editorial -cartoonists. Few interest me politically anymore, though, as I have become more aware of The Regressive Narrative and its many pushers.

To make a strong statement AND make a good cartoon is no easy thing. Too wordy, too many labels, poor caricature, trying to cram in too many messages, so many ways it can fall flat. Not good to do in a 2D medium.

It seems, with print's contraction, editorial cartooning is becoming a dying art. But I deem, it's part and parcel of the Regressives who are losing audience. Like Soviet propaganda, ham-handed ugly may reaffirm dogma among the nodding-along select, but they repulse the general attention-distracted population.

I don't know how to have political cartoons reach the masses as they used to in newspaper days, but there's a lot of great comics which I'd say more of the world needs to see.

Glenn McCoy does good old-fashioned ed. toons, scribbly style, but frequently dead on target with a sledgehammer.

Hope n Change has clever clipart with teeth-grinding skewering of Regressive ideas.

Day by Day couches its politics in character-driven drama, lush art style, and hot, frequently-déshabillé dames.

Liberal Logic is good for poster-style works in the popular photo-with-caption format.

Just off the top of my head, and sub list.

Animated GIFS and videos are also the editorial cartoons of the Internet age. (I've had some fun with those).

In an age of ghettoization and niched markets, we're still working out how to reach the masses with propaganda that teaches civics and civility. The flash of one memorable editorial image can be worth a thousand attempts at persuasive argument. Spread the good stuff far and wide, online, and printed out for the office bulletin board. Everyone is The Press now. Court said so.


Although I've cartooned for all my six decades, and have strong political opinions, I don't really have the political cartoon mind, as far as sharp, current-issue-oriented panels, and especially that multiple times a week ability. The closest I come is some pseudo-artsy general statement about Big Brother, like today's doodle.

The next 3 doodles after that serialize a 12-panel I did just when Reagan came to office, comically quick-reviewing the Presidents of my lifetime up until then. I don't think I could easily emulate the style I used then, but it would be fun to continue through today's disastrous administration.
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