I Sure Miss the Old Reason Magazine

Gillespie: If you squares would just hit the bong a few times you'd mellow out man.

I could smoke the finest black Afghani finger hashish* from sunrise to sunset and never agree with that Narcissistic loon.

I sure miss the old Reason magazine. Long before Postrel, we subscribed to the print edition and often read it almost cover-to-cover. All I look at now is their sparse newsfeed of outrageous things (Nanny of the Month etc), and the Remy vids. Our print subscription lapsed soon after Gillespie took over.

"I didn't leave the libertarians, the Libertarians left me."

* Received three black, wrinkled, mummy-like fingers, once, in a "care" package, in the early '70s, when my life seemed lonely and harsh, and so, at the time, it was much appreciated. Glad I otherwise never had access to it; coulda been habituating.