"Kids? This is Mr Stan Lee!" A proud Geek Dad moment

"Kids? This is Mr Stan Lee!" A proud Geek Dad moment.

Walking out of a side door at Chicago Con with our three kids, late 80s, early 90s, we bump into Stan Lee walking in. Mr Lee graciously took a few minutes of his time for a chat with a family of admiring fans, as amiable as you please.

I read Amazing Fantasy #15 - Spider-Man's first appearance - when the ink was fresh. First Marvel comic I ever read. So different from then-current comics it changed my world. I joined the MMMS twice, and never regretted it.

Ditko and Kirby and other greats provided content, but the Marvel cohesiveness, the spirit, the meme, was Stan. What a character! What a salesman! And not too bad a writer for the comics of the day. And still a cornball.

Stan took the great power he had to entertain as a great responsibility.

HBD, Stanley Lieber, shaper of Myth, builder of Legend, and still his own best creation.