One Sovereign World-State

Loyalty to the family became loyalty to the tribe. Tribes became extended to alliances of tribes. In time, loyalty extended beyond blood to the city-state. City-states became States. States became United States. (I may have glazed over a few steps.) For good reasons.

In the course of things, we will have - must have - one sovereign world-state. Until then, it's "wars and rumors of wars," among opposing "sovereign" entities.

When I was young and dumb, I saw Alaska's and Hawaii's stars added to the flag, and I thought, wow, others could join in our Constitutional government, too! I imagined a possible North American union (I think I picked that up from some comic book). Back when I thought better of both Canada and Mexico.

WW2 ended less than a decade before I was born, and was still picking up the pieces when I was young. I saw Europe form a Union, and I hoped it would be a real "United Europe" like the USA is, bringing peace after hundreds of years of European war.

Even the African Union seemed positive as a development. All of these, in theory, seemed good.

I did not view all unions of states as positive, of course - the USSR in particular. All I ever needed to see was the bodies hanging on the fence between the Germanys to know that the USSR was a prison.

Eventually, I learned that the United Nations was more the enemy of free people than a route to world unity.

Throughout, though, I pledged allegiance exclusively to the flag of the United States of America.

What the Internationalists and New World Orderers want is to eliminate national sovereignty and impose a world union that is more USSR than USA. A godless order of rule by men, in violation of everything our Constitution and ideas of Rights stand for.

As such, we must do everything possible to resist them. Everything.

I still believe a world union is inevitable. Perhaps in a thousand years or two, the rest of the world can learn to have government the way the United States has - or, had, and is forgetting to preserve. Then we might begin to evolve to a worthy world union. Only then.

How many nations will fall and rise, how many wars will be fought, before that? God only knows. We can only endeavor to preserve what we've been given.

In the immediate perspective, one thing seems clear to me: There is only one candidate in the running for President this year who has argued for the sovereignty of the Republic and defended the Constitution against our enemies. He may be flawed and naive in some ways, but there is no other Constitutionalist running. And it's not the "Make America Grate Again" guy.