The Logical Connection

Me: The leading Republican candidate does not attend the leading allegedly-conservative conclave, where he would likely have had a hostile reception anyway. Doesn't this speak poorly of that candidate and the nominal Republicans that support him?

BurtTC: I'm not seeing the logical connection between these two statements. They hate him, but he has to go anyway? ... I will agree all day long that Trump is not conservative...

That's the logical connection I meant. Not saying at all that he should've gone to CPAC or that CPAC is all that great - don't really know that much about it, really, 'cept what I read on here. Just saying, as you do, he's not a conservative candidate, and his supporters mostly aren't either, yet somehow he keeps getting lauded as a better choice for conservatives. Better than alleged base-betraying so-called conservative RINOs, sure, no argument - but that's just definitional distortion.