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Lord Heavyhand
Radical Incline

The aliens have taken a once-great American city and installed their Lord Heavyhand to rule it.

Illustration added on 2020 May 3
Subjects: Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, quarantine, tyranny
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Umbridge Kitty Plate
Radical Incline

The arbitrary dictates under virus panic lockdown are nothing new. Holy Hogwarts!

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Donna Reed
Radical Incline

Jimmy Stewart teaches how to handle the runs in crazy times.

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Fresh scent
Radical Incline

No tissue, but the bathroom smells nice.

Illustration added on 2020 Mar 30
Subjects: quarantine, panic, irony
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The proof of intelligent life in the universe is that they keep us quarantined.

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Subjects: extraterrestrial, quarantine

Quarantine now is defined as, don't leave the solar system.

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Subjects: quarantine

Thank your Mindful Webworker,
Your daughter should use common sense & stay away from DFW airport. I don't know if you should quarantine her.

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Subjects: disease, quarantine
Isolation Ends

Fifteen-point symmetry.

Illustration added on 2013 Apr 23
Subjects: yantra, isolation, quarantine