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2013 January

Mon 2013 Jan 07 Website changes 2013 Jan 7

Subject pages are not forever. I mean, most of them are. But now and then I will go through the Subjects and make some changes. So, bookmark them or subscribe to them if you like, but be aware they may be changed or retired. For example:
• Changed articles with Subject:figure to figures, and deleted figure. URL mindfulwebworks.com/subject/figure is retired.
• Changed articles with Subject:cars to automobiles and deleted cars.
Playlists have been modified. There is a new "Sources" tag list. Sources (e.g. "Scott Ott") had been included in, and are gradually being removed from, the Subjects.
• As of yesterday, all the Radical Incline Playlists have been converted to include the Sources tag.

• Finished changing the Short and Tall Tales Playlists to include the Sources tag.

2012 December

Fri 2012 Dec 21 Attacking Search

A long-overdue improvement of the CMS search results content and style. Still needs some work, but most pages now show up with an approximately good summary appearance. I hope.

Tue 2012 Dec 18 Where did this page come from?

Meanwhile, over a year later, I discover I had a log for Mindful. It's been a very busy year, too much happened to list. I have just been through a huge overhaul of the website, fixing a lot of things that I've learned to do better since I first set out to "dynamize" the site. Lots of corrections, clean-up, and improvements to sections, styles, and navigation. Hope it helps.

2011 October

Wed 2011 Oct 19 Second Life dynamized

Second Life converted to dynamic. Created basic page to replace home, with a sidebar listing projects.
Funnies page given new dynamic page, new URL, newly using iframes. (Found an iframes tutorial.)
This completes all the content transfer except the Blog Heap, which is a whole 'nother project.
And all the old home pages.

Tue 2011 Oct 18 End of the Road mini-comics dynamized

End of the Road mini-comics, one 40-pager and five-issue series, converted to dynamic.
Also converted:
Print Mindful Mini-Comics
Paypal payment cancelled
Paypal thanks
Nothing points to these pages anymore anyway, so they're currently retired

Mon 2011 Oct 17 Misc articles dynamized
Misc articles converted to dynamic
  • Replaced with view and separate record entries, including records from Herding /whats-up.html
  • Retired: best-of-spirits/best-of-spirits-template.html
  • Changed to redirect: best-of-spirits/gave-my-life-away-2.html
  • It's a re-direct. No action. best-of-spirits/everything-flows.html
Sun 2011 Oct 16 UB Comix dynamized
UB Comix converted to dynamic
Wed 2011 Oct 12 Urantiana dynamized
Urantiana converted to dynamic
Tue 2011 Oct 11 Head Shop dynamized
Head Shop converted to dynamic
Sat 2011 Oct 08 Kiddisms dynamized
Kiddisms converted to dynamic
Fri 2011 Oct 07 Reality Manipulated dynamized
Reality Manipulated converted to dynamic
Fri 2011 Oct 07 Rough Sketches dynamized
Rough Sketches converted to dynamic
Tue 2011 Oct 04 The Art of Daily Doodles dynamized
The Art of Daily Doodles converted to dynamic
Sun 2011 Oct 02 Mini-comics of notorious quartets dynamized
Mini-comics pages for Beast and Toddlers converted to dynamic
Sun 2011 Oct 02 Random Acts of Humor dynamized
Random Acts of Humor converted to dynamic
Sat 2011 Oct 01 End of the Road dynamized
End of the Road converted to dynamic

2011 September

Thu 2011 Sep 29 Big Potatoes dynamized
Big Potato comics converted to dynamic
Wed 2011 Sep 28 Short and Tall Tales dynamized
Sat 2011 Sep 24 The Art of dynamized
The Art of, main articles converted to dynamic
Sat 2011 Sep 24 Yantras dynamized (mostly)
Yantras converted to dynamic. Except the slideshow pages, which are removed until replaced later.
Thu 2011 Sep 22 Best of Spirits dynamized
Best of Spirits, main articles converted to dynamic
Mon 2011 Sep 19 Loves Lost and Found dynamized

2011 June

Sun 2011 Jun 19 Radical Incline dynamized
Radical Incline, main articles conversion to dynamic completed.

2011 March

Thu 2011 Mar 17 15th Anniversary, big changes planned
The 15th anniversary of the posting of the first Mindful Webworks page. For this anniversary, ta-da! Bold new technological advance, sure to cause much excitement and bigger and better headaches! Mindful is converting to modern automated webwork herding, which will allow many nice new ways to present the same old webworks, and new webworks. Much has accumulated on the back burners over the past few years which will soon spill forth here. After a few bugs are stomped. (For those of delicate nature, by "stomped," I mean, of course, humanely caught and released in the virtual wild.)
Thu 2011 Mar 03 Great changes are afoot
WOW! What a long time since I updated this site! Now two weeks from the 15th anniversary of the Mindful Webworks website. GREAT CHANGES ARE AFOOT for this website, or at least we're working on them. New look, new content, still the same old tossed salad of webworks. Tune in on the 17th for updates.


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