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2007 November

Sat 2007 Nov 10 Second Life added
The Second Life of Radd Dadd Upshaw began Aug 16. Now sharing the adventures of virtual mindful webworks. Blog, RaddDadd's projects,Chick'n'Egg and 4-in-a-Row, Web Links, and In-World Links.

2007 August

Wed 2007 Aug 08 Added rough sketches
Rough Sketches — Digital abstract visual compositions, some done from scratch, some based on photos, all mind(fully)-boggling; in The Art of Menu

2007 June

Wed 2007 Jun 06 Sharing and Giving added
Zoomin' Humans: Sharing and Giving - print version — Dad tries another little loving lesson in an 8-page mini-comic print format of the online version found in Kiddisms. Toon, webpage + 2 large jpg files, 268kb total.
Mon 2007 Jun 04 Mind Fuel and Big Potato
Mind Fuel — From the Internet's ancient past (1996), the daily online comic strip series about creating a daily online comic strip that didn't quite make it. For 1024-pixel screen width. The Art of Toon, 16-color, 12 files, 389Kb total.
Big Potato #1. bigscreen version — Chicago is the Big Potato. Right? Right. Hard-gritten wallops of bitey observationalism. For 1024-pixel screen width. Short & Tall Tales. Toon, monochrome, 10 files, 268Kb total.
Big Potato #1, squinty version — For 640-pixel screen width. Short & Tall Tales. Toon, monochrome, 10 files, 106Kb total.
Big Potato #2, introduction — Fixing a hole in the Chicago River. Links to the high- and low-res versions. Short & Tall Tales. Toon, full color, 3 files, 472Kb total.
Print Mindful Webworks Mini-Comics from your browser. Eight selections from Short & Tall Tales and Kiddisms/Primal Jungle, including the two new Big Potato comics.

2007 May

Sun 2007 May 27 New version of Halloween
New version of Halloween Party invitation, suitable for printing. (See link at bottom of page.)
Tired of the old ones, designed new logos for the Head Shop.
Altered the printing versions of many pages, especially page headers. Also changed some bits of styling here and there. Lots of changes you probably won't ever notice.
Wed 2007 May 23 Continuing to error-check the lyrics
Continuing to error-check the lyrics & chords in Loves Lost and Found:
Added or adjusted pagination to print version of Annie's Departure/Mad Affairs, Choose Between Love, Hungry for My Baby Blues, and The Resistance of the Camel.
Moved the last chord over a few syllables in Doo Wah Choo Gah
Changed verse identification, and added pagination to print version, in Game of Thieves.
Tue 2007 May 22 Looking for wrong notes
Continuing to error-check the songs:
Changed a chord placement in line 6 of Mind and Body, verse 1, in Suite: Experience
Continued adding second-and-beyond page headers to print versions of many songs in Best of Spirits. If these don't seem to work for you, see the Apr 29 note on printing.
Mon 2007 May 21 Proof that I need to try these songs as webworked
Proof that I need to try playing these songs as webworked, before posting them on the web:
Corrected some chord notation and other minor changes on The Mysterious Stranger, Lord of Time, and Infinitive
Chord placement moved a few syllables in line 5, verse 3, Given Half a Chance.
Next-to-last closing chord corrected in Gave My Life Away.
Added two "repeat" notations to Complexities.
Reformatted 22 August Song and Pain and Pleasure to better show where the chord changes are, and to improve printed version.
Changed song name to (Still It's) Not Enough from old name Everything Flows (but the lyrics & chords passed).
Added chord notation and improved print version of Choice.
Note that I've begun adding second-and-beyond page headers to print versions of many songs. If these don't seem to work for you, see the Apr 29 note on printing.
Sun 2007 May 20 Mysterious Stranger added
Added to Best of Spirits, the never-before-published song lyrics for
The Mysterious Stranger — Picking up the phantom hitchhiker
Also added directional arrows to help browse through articles, in Best of Spirits, The Art of, and Loves Lost and Found, as well as many adjustments, corrections, and minor changes to many of pages.
Thu 2007 May 17 Four never-before-published Radical Incline song lyrics
Added to Radical Incline, four never-before-published song lyrics:
Banking — Strange to relate, it's where we keep the money
Barks Like a Duck — I was thinking that we might relax, but...
Call to Arms — Beating the drums for a different kind of war
White Man's Maya — You don't really have to be white to bear the burden
Added to The Art of…, these never-before-published lyrics:
Butterfly in the Studio — Nobody could figure where it came from
Wed 2007 May 16 Seven never-before-published song lyrics
Added to the Head Shop today, seven never-before-published song lyrics:
Better Than I Know Myself — Close relationship, and alcohol
Only Wanted a Toke — More personal arguments for repeal! repeal! REPEAL!
Old Love Singer — to commune with the savior affects the behavior
Cash Crop — These farmers ain't no fools
Witnessing — But you could not follow the story
Tune to Marijuana — I've been trying to think it all out
Social Disease — We can give each other…
Sun 2007 May 13 A dropped semi-colon
Errr... a dropped semi-colon in a program I wrote to maintain link & meta information in HTML headers (nothing the average browser would care about) caused many unintended linefeeds to occur in the web pages, which resulted in some unintended display errors. Most have been fixed, with the exception of many unintended line-feeds in song lyrics, which are being brought under control one at a time (which is how life works).
Added to Radical Incline today:
God and Pot — Defining evil, sin, and iniquity, for the sake of discussion
Thu 2007 May 03 Corrected a word and a chord
Corrected a word and a chord notation on It's Your Decision (Best of Spirits).
Thu 2007 May 03 Added chords for Why?
Added chords to the songs Why?(Kiddism version) and Why? (Best of Spirits version).
Altered the print stylesheet to allow song verses to be printed in columns, and tweaked many song pages in various sections to print verses in columns and otherwise make the print-outs less paper-consuming.
Wed 2007 May 02 Seventeen Mindful Webworks brought back online
Added seventeen Mindful Webworks brought back online after many years not:
Wed 2007 May 02 Fifteen more Mindful Webworks back online
Added fifteen more Mindful Webworks back online after many years not:

2007 April

Mon 2007 Apr 30 Five more Mindful Webworks back online

Added five more Mindful Webworks back online after many years not:

Sun 2007 Apr 29 Re-designed hundreds of pages to allow for a better print-out
I've re-designed hundreds of pages to allow for a better print-out, should you choose to use dead trees. These are not separate print-out pages, but each page designed to format differently on screen and in print. (Other media formats to follow in time, for those who need them.) Print-outs will now (usually) take up less paper than the equivalent screen display. Onscreen links and some other material will be missing from the print versions, and some of the print versions will have information (e.g. web addresses printed out) that are not seen onscreen. The printouts have only been tested on a 8.5" * 11" portrait-oriented page, with the browser set for a tight .2cm margin all around, and no headers or footers. If you use other settings, your results may vary. Fully tested with the Opera and Internet Explorer browsers. Full testing on others yet to come. There are problems. On songs, the "page-break-avoid" attribute which keeps a verse of a song confined to a single printed page doesn't work on IE, a known bug. Most pages work as intended in IE. I only found one other failure with IE, and there are a couple of glitches with Opera. If you spot problems, write the webwiz@mindfulwebworks.com.
Sun 2007 Apr 29 Ten little webworks back online

Added ten Mindful Webworks back online after many years not:

Thu 2007 Apr 26 Loves Lost and Found added to website

Added to website:
Loves Lost and Found — Mindful Webworks of true love, romance, affection, relationship, and hearts won and lost. A new section, currently only song lyrics.

Wed 2007 Apr 25 Former websites are all closed

The former websites are all closed. The old webpages now redirect folks to this website. Just for the record.

Wed 2007 Apr 25 Short and Tall Tales added to website

Added to website:
Pow!Short & Tall Tales — Humorous Mindul Webworks chock full o' chuckles 'n' smiles, irony, pathos, the macabre, that kind of thing. The rambling family vacation story End of the Road, the shaggy Gothic horror story of the Beast with Four Heads, and dozens of cartoons, some songs, even an MP3 recording.

Thu 2007 Apr 19 Old text webworks added, many not online for years

Some old mindful text webworks have been added to the website, most of which haven't been online in many years.

Best of Spirits
The Question of Cosmic Personality — That we are and we ask makes us the revelation of the I Am That I Am 1997 Mar 22

Evil in the World —How do you explain what's happening? 1999—Mar—19
Clay & Spittle — Some not-so-serious thinking about the reasons given in The Urantia Book why Jesus used clay and spittle to heal the blind man. 1999 Mar 19
On Judgment in the Hereafter — The only open question has been whether judgment takes place immediately upon death or at the grand resurrection at the end of time. 1999 Feb 16
Your Answer Book — Seek and you will find, but what will you find? 1997 Nov 27
Gardening — Each year we make a little progress in improving our garden home, but we're also aware that we're starting twenty years later than we might've… 1997—Nov—9
Name That Religion! &mdash …Is this the holy text of the "Urantia Religion," as many non-Urantia Book students imagine? 1997 Oct 30
Open Letter of Hope — The revelation gives us the power and purpose to be the spiritual leaders of the world. 1997 Oct 28
A Cosmic Review Removed — reply and apology for a pilfered review. 1997 Aug 13
Preparedness for Disaster — Is it unreasonable to be disaster-ready in a world which has regularly seen disaster? 1997 Oct 26
Prayer—Private & Public — Jesus taught the twelve always to pray in secret. 1997 Oct 26
That Outrageous Urantia Book — All this believable reasonableness comes dressed with the fantastic. 1997 Mar 18
Luciferian Rebellion Virus — This is a joke… sort of… 1996 Dec 4
On Religious Authority — Spiritual truth cannot rely on external Authority. 1996 Nov 3

Added to website:
UB ComixTry this! — In-jokes, insights, and insider humor for students of The Urantia Book and those familiar with its associated social repercussions. All the original cartoons, from print and online, some upgraded in quality but still the same old gags. Over 60 cartoons, originally created from Oct 1987 through Jan 2002, dressed up in new web pages with many relevant web connections.

Thu 2007 Apr 19 Art of Daily Doodles added

Added to website:
TiwiThe Art of — Mindful Webworks for art's own sake (and some for fun). Illustrations, sketches, drawings, cartoons, and lyrics, including over 130 illustrations from 1997's Daily Doodle series. 2007 Apr 23

Sat 2007 Apr 07 Kiddisms added

Added to website:
KiddismsAdded to the website:
Songs, comics, and other webworks for all us children. Back online for the first time in many years. Lyrics to playground songs & lullabies. MIDIs for several songs. Zoomin' humans comics and Primal Jungle readers.


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