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9/11 - still with us

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Blacklisted News • Fri 2016 Oct 21, 5:23pm

Phillip Marshall, a former airplane pilot and author whose works included the 2003 novel “Lakefront Airport,” – “False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post-911 World (08)” and “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror,” a 2012 publication in which Marshall theorized it wasn't al-Qaida but rather U.S. and Saudi government officials who orchestrated 9/11, was found dead along with his two children in their Murphrys-area home in California – 2013. Reports indicate all 3 died of gunshot wounds. …

Fuzzy Slippers, Legal Insurrection • Mon 2016 Sep 12, 1:43pm

While we take time this day to remember each in our own way 9/11, we should note that this is also the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead: Christopher Stevens, an American ambassador; Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, former Navy SEALS; Sean Smith, an embassy aide.

War News Updates • Mon 2016 Sep 12, 11:14am

List Of Links, Tributes, Videos, Pictures And Resources

Sorry I didn't get this blogged yesterday.
Destitutebroadcast, YouTube • Sun 2016 Sep 11, 2:19pm

…Graphic video for educational purposes only. Most footage never aired on TV or only on that day. …

Video: 18:04. Very graphic, terribly moving as one after another people fall.
ViralSpace, YouTube • Sun 2016 Sep 11, 2:05pm

This is a rare 9/11 WTC attack footage…

Video: 0:50
ViralSpace, YouTube • Sun 2016 Sep 11, 2:03pm

Inside 7 World Trade Center Moments Before Collapse.…

Video: 5:57
American Veterans Center, YouTube • Sun 2016 Sep 11, 1:56pm

The American Veterans Center proudly presents Rick Rescorla in an AVC Tribute Video.

Video: 8:02
Major Robert L. Bateman, U.S. Army, HistoryNet • Sun 2016 Sep 11, 1:54pm

…When I started interviewing these veterans of my regiment decades later, I was struck by the emotions Rescorla’s men still felt for him. … Over time, I came to believe that they would have followed Rescorla in an assault upon the gates of Hell, for he did not order, he led.…

WHEN ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISTS bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, Rick was there. .… Various employees of Morgan Stanley report his presence across all 20 floors occupied by the company. Just as in combat, he was everywhere — calm, jocular in the face of panic, reassuring in his personal presence.… When it appeared that everyone was out, he went back in, heading up those stairs with the rescue workers.…

Bare Naked Islam • Sat 2016 Sep 10, 8:07pm

AFTER 15 YEARS, Australian Photographer tracks down family from photo he found in the rubble of the World Trade Center 9/11……

Bare Naked Islam • Sat 2016 Sep 10, 8:04pm

…A veteran of an elite unit in the Israeli Defense Forces who understood Arabic, [Danny Lewin, 31,] appears to have immediately understood what was happening and challenged the terrorists, who were armed with box-cutters and knives. It was an act of extraordinary courage which was to cost him his life. As the former commando fought with Satam al-Suqami, one of the five who had taken the plane, he was fatally stabbed.…

Amy Jenson, KTUL • Sat 2016 Sep 10, 11:17am

Nick Swainston still remembers what it smelled like.

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the deadliest foreign attack on the United States. Swainston was the operations chief with the Tulsa Air National Guard and a Tulsa firefighter when the World Trade Center was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.…

When he was able to make it to New York in November, he said he had never seen anything like it.

"Even working in Afghanistan and Baghdad, it was just so much of it in one area," Swainston said.…

Fox 5 San Diego • Sat 2016 Sep 10, 11:05am

Miracle Mattress has announced they are closing a store in San Antonio following the backlash over a 9/11 'Twin Tower sale.'

Miracle Mattress posted the video on Facebook for its "Twin Towers Sale." In the video, which has since been deleted, Miracle Mattress manager Cherise Bonanno is heard saying "What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Tower sale?"…

Mark Dice has a video which includes the original ad: YouTube, 2:09
WeaselZippers • Sat 2016 Sep 10, 10:22am

What do I think about when I think about that day? The firemen who climbed “the stairway to Heaven” with 50, 60 pounds of gear. The people who called from Windows on the World and said: “I just want you to know I love you.” The men on the plane who tried to take the cockpit of Flight 93 before it went down in a Pennsylvania field: “Let’s roll.”

And I think about Welles Crowther, the man in the red bandanna.
…Welles Crowther had already called his mother, Alison, and left a voicemail: “I want you to know that I’m OK.” Only one stairwell was clear. He found it. Most people would have run for their lives, but he started running for everyone else’s.

Well worth reading the whole thing. There is a sign-in page on the full article at the Wall Street Journal.
Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt • Sat 2016 Jul 30, 4:30pm

A chance meeting at the Republican National Convention solved a 15-year-old mystery that began on the morning of September 11, 2001.…

Lana Shadwick, Breitbart • Tue 2016 Jun 7, 3:17pm

CYPRESS, Texas — The last known search and rescue dog who helped find victims of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks has died near Houston.

A sixteen-year-old Golden Retriever, Bretagne (pronounced Brittany) Corliss was greeted and saluted by approximately twenty-five firefighters when she arrived at a Cypress, Texas, veterinarian clinic…

Thomas Soscelyn, Long War Journal • Fri 2016 Feb 12, 12:21am

Sometime before his death in a US drone strike in June 2015, Nasir al Wuhayshi recorded an insider’s account of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. As the aide-de-camp to Osama bin Laden prior to the hijackings, Wuhayshi was well-placed to know such details. And al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which Wuhayshi led until his demise, has now published a version of his “untold story.”…

Nice Deb • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 6:56pm

…When I heard about the plane that when down in Pennsylvania, I knew without being told that the passengers had fought back. Somehow they had heard what had happened to the other planes, and they weren’t going to let themselves be turned into a giant missile. That was one of few positive (albeit grim) notes from the day. The other positives were the countless stories of heroism in New York City, “America’s Mayor” Giuliani, and the fact that (almost) all Americans were united at least temporarily.…

Memories & videos
Miss CJ, Chicks on the Right • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 6:45pm

…Bretegne and her handler being honored by BarkBox with a trip to New York City. According to this, Bretagne is the last known surviving rescue dog from 9/11. She and her owner/ handler Denise Corliss were part of the Texas Task Force 1, which was deployed to Ground Zero to help with search and rescue in the aftermath of 9/11.…

[Video, 5:38, BarkBox, YouTube]
William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 6:44pm

…I was at my desk in Providence, RI, when I heard the first reports of a “small plane” hitting the World Trade Center. Seemed odd, but not out of the realm of possibility.

Morning news shows interrupted coverage as the murky facts began to emerge.…

Recollections, Videos
BigFurHat, IOTW Report • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 6:39pm
World Trade Center…
American Airlines Flight 11…
United Airlines Flight 175…
American Airlines Flight 77…
United Airlines Flight 93…
Ashley Edwardson, • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 6:32pm

Right after the attacks, Jason, a former Marine, father of five, and a law student, took off TOWARDS the chaos. After driving his vehicle as far as he could, he parked and started running on foot in the direction of the towers. He was caught on video by several cameras on city streets, a blur of fatigues running through the streets while hundreds of terrified New Yorkers were running in the opposite direction.

Approaching Ground Zero, Jason later said he was determined to save lives. “It was my duty to do something,” he explains. “I felt compelled to assist in any way that I could.” …

Jason, who had crawled into a small hole in the wreckage, barely big enough for the Marine to inch his way through, heard a voice answering his call. …

War News Updates • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 6:01pm

From YouTube: Aired on September 3, 2006 on The Discovery Channel 2007. Inside The Twin Towers. This film re-creates a minute-by-minute account of what happened inside the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Narrated by Terrence Stamp.

[Video, 1:31:48, xXazdesertboyXx, YouTube]
JDZ, Never Yet Melted • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 5:58pm

A substantial portion of the South Tower’s workforce had already gotten out, thanks to Rescorla’s efforts, by the time the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, struck the South Tower at 9:02:59 AM. Just under an hour later, as the stream of evacuees came to an end, Rescorla called his best friend Daniel Hill on his cell phone, and told him that he was going to make a final sweep. Then the South Tower collapsed. …

Ashley Collman & Joel Christie, Dailymail / AP • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 5:48pm

Most powerful shafts of light EVER projected from Earth are beamed into the Manhattan sky in spectacular 9/11 commemoration as America pauses to remember…

Bluebird of Bitterness • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 5:47pm

What is it about an unspeakable catastrophe that brings out the best in ordinary human beings?…

BoB presents an excellent collection of videos reflecting on 9/11.

Retro-adding 9/11 stories days late. Life.

Dianny, Patriot Retort • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 5:47pm

Commemorating September 11 is not some ghoulish exercise of reveling in grief and tragedy.

We remember quite simply so that we do not forget. We do not forget where we came from, how we got here, who we are. And yes, who our enemy is.…

Curmudgeon, Political Clown Parade • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 5:44pm

I do not yet have the distance of history to mercifully blur the memory. I remember the crystal clear blue sky on the morning of 9-11 when the Earth became soaked with tears and night fell on a different world.

I can never forget the images of fire and ashes and bent steel or the sounds of our national anthem playing at Buckingham Palace and the sorrow written on the faces of our closest allies in the middle hour of our grief. …

Sister Toldjah • Fri 2015 Sep 11, 5:35pm

Longtime readers of this blog will recognize this post, as I have published it here every 9-11 since 2006 in honor of Mr. Mardikian, and all victims of the 9-11 terror attacks, as part of DC Roe’s 9-11 remembrance project. I thought this year about doing another post for another victim, but decided it would be too painful, as the memories of what happened that day are still so fresh and raw for many, myself included. …

Channel NewsAsia • Thu 2015 Sep 10, 7:04am

More than 20 terror plots have been foiled in New York since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, according to the city's police chief on Tuesday (Sep 8), who said the risk of another devastating attack remains "greater than ever". "in many respects, we currently face a greater likelihood of attack than we have seen in years".

On the eve of the anniversary