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AmerIndian Wars - Still With Us

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Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart • Sat 2016 Sep 10, 11:07am

…Earlier Friday, a federal judge denied a request by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for an injunction against the Army Corps of Engineers to stop construction on the pipeline, which will carry 400,000 barrels of oil per day from the Bakken region to an existing Illinois pipeline.

However, the Obama administration intervened, and the Army voluntarily blocked construction on land owned by the Corps or under Lake Oahe in South Dakota.…

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Sat 2015 Aug 15, 3:56pm

The EPA is reportedly trying to strong-arm Navajo Indian leaders to sign away their rights to future claims against the agency from the Gold King Mine disaster.…

Cherokee Seal
William Federer, Western Journalism • Wed 2015 Apr 22, 7:00pm

Gold had been discovered in Georgia in 1828, resulting in a Democrat-controlled Congress rushing through the Indian Removal Act, which passed by a single vote in 1830. …signed by Democrat President Andrew Jackson… carried out by Democrat President Martin Van Buren. … Over 12,000 Cherokees signed a petition in protest of the Indian Removal Act.

Condemning the federal government’s mandate were members of the National Republican and Whig Parties, including Congressman Abraham Lincoln (IL); Senator Theodore Frelinghuysen (NJ), Senator Daniel Webster (MA); and Senator Henry Clay (KY). Tennessee Congressmen Davy Crockett gave an impassioned speech in defense of the Indians. Christian missionaries, such as Jeremiah Evarts, led resistance to the government’s removal of the Indians, with many being arrested by the State of Georgia and sentenced to years of hard labor.… • Fri 2009 Jun 26, 10:04am

Eight young Cherokee bicyclists will tackle a nearly 1,000-mile Remember the Removal Ride, which follows one of the Trail of Tears routes, in the searing summer heat. But it's a chance for them to see the same countryside their ancestors saw when they were forced at gunpoint to abandon everything.