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April Madness

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GOLDEN, Colo. --The man suspected of trying to bomb Southwest Plaza Mall is scheduled to make his first appearance in federal court Wednesday. • Wed 2011 Apr 27, 9:06am

An off-duty Atlanta police officer got into a scuffle with a woman and punched her in the face, and the early morning incident at an IHOP was captured on video.... • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 4:51pm

Brazilian police say they've arrested two men in connection to a school shooting in Rio that left at least 12 students dead... ne of the men allegedly put the gunman in touch with the other, who allegedly sold the gunman a pistol used in the shooting... • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 4:50pm

Attacker opened fire with machine gun before shooting himself in crowded mall in suburb of Alphen aan den Rijn near Amsterdam... At least five people have died ... described as a 25-year-old white male with blonde hair who wearing a leather jacket and camouflage pants.... Four of the wounded are in critical condition, five were in serious condition and at least two others were slightly wounded,,,, • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 4:49pm

A powerful blast that launched an improvised missile through the roof of a Jewish synagogue in Santa Monica, Calif., was determined late Friday to be a deliberate attack with an improvised explosive and not an accident as police originally thought. … [60yo] transient who regularly sought charity from members of the synagogue and community center is wanted as a suspect by an FBI and police task force. • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 4:49pm

Nine people have been shot, one killed after a gunman opened fire in a hall filled with teenagers in Philadelphia. The victims were celebrating the 18th birthday of a girl, • Sat 2011 Apr 9, 4:44pm

The gunman who allegedly opened fire in a Rio de Janeiro school this morning, killing 12 children before shooting himself, left behind a suicide note asking for forgiveness and revealing that he had HIV