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Infrastructure Threat

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Blazing Cat Fur • Fri 2016 Jan 15, 5:55pm

…In the latest snafu, 36,000 rural smart meters aren’t transmitting their data to Hydro One, because local Wi-Fi signals aren’t strong enough. If smart meters can’t transmit data, they become dumb meters.…

As noted earlier under this heading, "Smart" meters are a dumb choice.
Paul Monies, NewsOK • Thu 2016 Jan 14, 10:47pm

The Oklahoma attorney general's office and a frequent critic of smart meters both took issue Wednesday with a plan by Public Service Co. of Oklahoma to charge extra to customers opting out of the new electric meters. …The utility wants to charge a one-time fee of $183 and monthly charges of $28 to opt out of its smart meter program. Assistant Attorney General Dara Derryberry told the commission those fees were excessive, both when compared to smart meter opt-out programs in 11 other states and in a recent proposal by Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. The average one-time fee was $56, while the average monthly fee was $11, she said.…

The electric company recently forced these dangerous, spyware-vulnerable, unreliable, and remotely-hackable meters on my home. If I had to pay a monthly fee of $10, I could almost see opting out, but the one-time fee (for not installing something??) and the exorbitant monthly fee was prohibitive.
Ellie Zolfagharifard, Daily Mail • Sat 2015 Dec 19, 4:02pm

…Dubbed Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization (RADICS), its goal is to develop automated systems to deal with a loss of power. They say these systems should help utilities engineers restore power within seven days of an attack.…

George Getschow, Dallas News • Tue 2015 Dec 15, 7:32pm

…Even before last spring’s rains, the Lewisville Dam was listed by the Corps as the eighth-most-hazardous in the country. Recent rains have made it worse, the Corps says.

The dam is so unstable now that the Fort Worth District is considering asking Corps headquarters to upgrade its risk classification to the highest: “critically near failure” — that is, “almost certain to fail under normal operations … within a few years without intervention,” according to a Corps document.…

Susan Edelman, NY Post • Mon 2015 Sep 21, 9:39am

Master keys for every elevator in the city, major construction sites, subways and skyscrapers are being freely sold online, despite a city law that makes it illegal for unauthorized persons to possess them.

A New Jersey-based lock company is peddling an unlimited supply of New York City’s “1620” fire service keys on eBay at $15.50 for two.…

Blazing Cat Fur • Mon 2015 Sep 21, 8:15am

On Monday, September 14, unknown suspects cut backbone fiber optic Internet cables in Livermore California in what appears to be the fourteenth attack on critical communications infrastructure in a region of the U.S. that is a primary target for economic and cyber warfare.…

Fox News / AP • Fri 2015 Jul 3, 12:05pm

Someone sliced high-capacity fiber optic cables in Northern California Tuesday in the latest of a dozen cases that have prompted massive Internet outages and stoked fears of a "coordinated attack" as the FBI investigates.

The FBI is investigating the wave of attacks, which on Tuesday disrupted service in some areas of Northern California, including the Sacramento and Rocklin areas. The damage is being treated as vandalism, although Internet provider Wave Broadband called the outage part of a "coordinated attack" on fiber cables.…

Douglas Main, Newsweek • Sun 2015 Apr 5, 4:23pm

…These undersea cables are easy to forget, since they are well out of sight and mind. But without them, the world as we know it would cease to exist… 99 percent of all transoceanic data traffic goes through undersea cables, and that includes Internet usage, phone calls and text messages. This route is also faster than satellite transmissions, by up to eight-fold. …

Adam Kredo, Wash Free Beacon • Sat 2015 Feb 28, 6:29pm

"Cellphone, Internet, and telephone services across half of Arizona went dark on Wednesday after vandals sliced a sensitive fiber optic cable, according to those familiar with the situation…"

All too easy.

Joel Brenner, Foreign Policy • Tue 2012 Nov 13, 2:18pm

…isolating the key control systems of our critical infrastructure from the Internet should be a national goal. But the trend is in the opposite direction. • Mon 2011 Aug 15, 3:05pm

A 40-year-old Seminole County man arrested for allegedly attaching an improvised explosive device to a natural gas pipeline in Oklahoma... Daniel Wells Herriman of Konowa... • Fri 2011 Aug 12, 6:03pm

When the FBI deactivated a ticking device on a gas line found around 11 Wednesday morning they got the gas line turned off and evacuated about 25 residents living a half mile from the danger zone. ... a crude explosive with batteries attached. The timer was set at 2. ... may have been waterlogged from the overnight storms.... • Fri 2011 Aug 12, 6:01pm

The FBI says more information will be released about a possible explosive found on a gas line in eastern Oklahoma. ... found Wednesday on a gas line in Okfuskee County by a county deputy sheriff who thought it might be a bomb because of a timer attached to it. ... • Fri 2009 May 8, 9:15pm

Distributed and intermittent electricity generation, such as wind power, is rapidly expanding, new smart meters are giving consumers more control over their energy usage, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles may someday radically increase the overall demand for electricity. The evolution of America's energy needs has forced scientists and engineers to re-examine the operations, efficiency and security of the national power grid. The creation of a more secure and efficient national power grid requires significant innovations in the way we transmit electricity and monitor its use. • Thu 2009 Apr 9, 2:24pm

Shortly after a report indicated Chinese and Russian hackers were accused of targeting the U.S. power grid infrastructure, Chinese officials have vehemently denied the accusations. "The intrusion doesn't exist at all," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said during a press conference. "We hope that the concerned media will prudently deal with some groundless remarks, especially those concerning accusations against China."