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Ann Barnhardt • Mon 2016 Jun 20, 10:44pm

It is now clear to me, and I feel it morally incumbent upon me given my position to publicly state that I believe Jorge Bergoglio, “Francis” to be an Antipope, never having been canonically elected, and that Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI is still the Roman Pontiff.…

I've been saying this all along. But that was just me. This is Ann.
Three concentric azure blue circles
Jon Dunbar, Korea Times • Wed 2016 Jun 15, 7:40pm

Reggae singer Pato Banton is on a mission to Korea, coming with his partner and keyboardist Antoinette Rootsdawtah to spread a message of intellectual and spiritual growth.… A meet and greet is planned for Wednesday, socialization on June 17 and a gathering with Korea's Urantia community on June 19.…

Cultural crossroads
Ellen Debenport, Patheos • Mon 2016 Jun 13, 1:20am

…here are two ways to watch the news without despair…

Victor Skinner, EAG News • Sat 2016 May 28, 3:35pm

School drops Lord’s Prayer from graduation after single complaint — students recite it anyway…

Fox News • Thu 2016 May 26, 1:47pm

…79 white, handmade crosses posted on public property along state Highway 92 in Hiram, Ga., were meant to represent the 79 Paulding County residents who died in America’s wars… were abruptly taken down last Friday after someone called Hiram City Hall questioning whether the soldiers were all Christian.… move sparked public outcry… crosses were put back in place Wednesday morning…

Star Trek Enterprise
Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., Breitbart • Fri 2016 May 20, 4:00pm

Whoopi Goldberg voiced her support of divorce as a good and important option for many Christians, since it is found “nowhere in the Bible”…

Suggestion: Search on "divorce" at
Maybe she meant Guinan's El-Aurian bible?
Star Bright
Breitbart / AP • Fri 2016 May 20, 12:32pm

Christian officials have launched historic restoration work at the Tomb of Jesus inside the Church of Holy Sepulcher, site where tradition holds Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected.
The works are the first in almost two centuries that will focus on repairing, reinforcing and conserving the structure.… Clerics from the three denominations that oversee the church — Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Armenian — shook hands in a show of unity next to scaffolding erected on Friday.…

It's a miracle!
Three concentric azure blue circles • Thu 2016 May 5, 11:12pm

…Intriguingly enough, Planetary Prince takes its name and spiritual theme from the popular “Urantia Book” — an unspoken bible to many outside Christian, church-going theology. Graves himself is a follower of sorts. “That's a really deep book. A lot of people might think it's sacrilegious, but it makes so much sense about the breakdown of the universe and deities and Earth and man,” the bandleader said in a recent DL Media press release.

“The Urantia Book” has been universally embraced by the non-religious as the true bible. Allegedly conveyed by aliens who came down to Earth to share truths, the book combines spirituality with science…

Unspoken Bible to many outside Christian, church-going theology? What does that even mean, besides being stupidly wrong? Embraced by the non-religious as the true bible? Nonsense and more nonsense. Conveyed by aliens - do all these folks citing the UB drink from the same crazy water source? Holy cow this is dumb.

And the original Planetary Prince was the devil. Hope that's not who they're celebrating.

-BHoL editorial

Ann Barnhardt • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 6:44pm

The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and dissensions, both spiritual and temporal, will abound…

Yaron Steinbuch, NY Post • Sat 2016 Apr 23, 12:50pm

A Christian brother and sister from Syria felt blessed to have been among the dozen refugees selected to start a new life in Italy — but now say their savior, Pope Francis, abandoned them on a Greek island…

Okla Flag
Michael Gryboski, Christian Post • Tue 2016 Apr 19, 7:28pm

More than 100,000 people have signed on to a petition demanding that Oklahoma cancel a satanic ritual known as a "black mass" that is scheduled to be held at a public venue ths summer.

Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, the santic group overseeing the black mass, was co-founded by Adam Daniels, a registered sex offender. The black mass is scheduled to be held in August at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall.…

Dr. Everett Piper, Examiner Enterprise • Tue 2016 Apr 19, 2:58pm

…I would like to focus on the power of a good idea. Rather than bemoan those that are bad, I’d like to champion an idea that bore its fruit over 200 years ago on the streets of London. Its promoter was a young British Parliamentarian named William Wilberforce and here was his idea: God is God and we are not.…

Patty, Weird Universe • Fri 2016 Apr 15, 7:54am

A Federal court judge has ruled that the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a valid religion. In fact the judge ruled that the church is a parody, a parody, can you believe it?!? Don't worry true believers, this is just a minor setback…

Kelly Ogle, News9 • Fri 2016 Apr 8, 6:39pm

A couple of Oklahoma authors have written a book called, “Gaining Wealth God's Way”. In the Bible, there are more than 2,000 verses about money. More than the number of references to faith, or prayer, money is mentioned more than any other single topic.

"He wants us to be wealthy, but humble at the same time," said author Nicole Ford. … "God never intended us to be poor…"

Twisting Twister
Dallas Franklin, KFOR • Thu 2016 Mar 31, 11:54pm

…tornado in Tulsa.…The roof was blown off a north Tulsa church while a prayer group was in session. Fortunately, everyone inside the church is okay.…

Todd Starnes, Fox News • Wed 2016 Mar 30, 6:00pm

The city council in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma… needed high ground to build a one-million gallon water tower. … But the property they needed was owned by the First Baptist Church. So they made a deal… “We donated the land and the easements for the tower,” Pastor Garland told me. “In kind, they said they would paint our name on the water tower.” … But it turns out – a gaggle of perpetually offended atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers from Wisconsin took issue with the deal.…

Because Wiscconsin is so concerned about Broken Arrow's water?
Joshua A. Krisch, Vocative • Mon 2016 Mar 28, 8:51pm

Researchers found that the percentage of Americans who claim they never pray reached an all-time high in 2014, up five-fold since the 1980s. Over the same time period, belief in God and interest in spirituality appears to have similarly declined, especially among young adults.… “Most previous studies concluded that fewer Americans were publicly affiliating with a religion, but that Americans were just as religious in private ways. That’s no longer the case, especially in the last few years.…” One odd quirk, however—Americans have become slightly more likely to believe in an afterlife, even as they are abandoning prayer, belief in God and rituals.…

Shroud of Turin face
Daniel Bilodeau, YouTube • Fri 2016 Mar 25, 9:40pm

Yes, this is another documentary on the Shroud of Turin. I just find it to be compelling evidence for the resurrection—and, aside from the Scriptural arguments (of which there are many), just more proof that the Christians really have understood the Scriptures correctly and walk in step with the Words of the God of Israel.

Video: 51:50
Binky, steynian • Fri 2016 Mar 25, 9:36pm

…If these two relics are original and authentic, they reveal to us a snapshot of two related moments from Good Friday, Jerusalem, most likely on Friday, April 3, A.D. 33. They show us the image of a body which has been tortured, crucified and killed, but a body which did not decay, and which somehow vanished from the burial cloths leaving a very unusual image on the Shroud, by means yet unknown and undiscovered.…

Jessica Ivins, • Thu 2016 Mar 24, 11:24pm

A grieving woman went out for a cup of coffee over the weekend but ended up with so much more.…

Colin Fernandez, Mail (UK) • Thu 2016 Mar 24, 11:12pm

If you don't believe in God or a universal spirit, you're more likely to be callous and manipulative, according to a controversial new study.

Atheists exhibit more traits commonly seen among psychopaths than people who consider themselves to be religious.

However, believers aren't spared criticism - the study also found that religious people are less intelligent than their non-believing counterparts.…

Philologos, Mosaic Magazine • Thu 2016 Mar 10, 6:56pm

Some think the Devil can be found in the Hebrew Bible. Are they right?…

Intriguing analysis by Philologos.
Star Bright
Ivan Battilana, YouTube • Fri 2016 Mar 4, 10:38pm

…recounts the story of the amazing Eucharistic Miracle that happened in Argentina in 1996 in the Parish of St. Mary.…

Video: 8:08
Dr. Everett Piper, Examiner Enterprise • Wed 2016 Feb 24, 10:00am

…Many who stand against the fight for religious freedom today do so in the name of “tolerance,” yet they boldly flaunt their intolerance for all ideas and all people they find intolerable. At every turn, we see them on our campuses, in our courts, and in our culture, masked in angry red faces, shouting: “You must agree with us! You must believe everything we believe! You must watch! You must celebrate! You must applaud!” No dissent is permitted. No diversity is allowed. Unquestioned and unchallenged power is their goal. As David Horowitz warned, these modern day Jacobins believe in little more than “the rule of the gang:” You must submit or you will be silenced.

The question we all face today is clear: do we want to be controlled by such ideological fascism or do we want to fight for intellectual freedom?…

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit • Fri 2016 Feb 19, 6:29pm

…After the uproar from pundits, religious leaders and Christians who believe in state borders, the Vatican tried desperately tried to clarify the pope’s remarks today. Rev. Federico Lombardi told Vatican radio on Friday the comments were “in no way a personal attack” on Donald Trump. … The remarks by Pope Francis were in response to a direct question on Donald Trump, were directed at Trump and were an attack on Donald Trump. This Vatican is not being honest.…

Blah blah something about false witness blah blah...
John Nolte, Breitbart • Thu 2016 Feb 18, 7:12pm

Pope Francis attacked Republican front-runner Donald Trump Thursday as “not a Christian.” "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is not Christian.…"

Trump’s response: "…really not a nice thing to say. If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president…"

Ben Carson joined Sen. Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in defending Trump…

Many calls for Vatican City to tear down their wall…
Bob Price, Breitbart • Wed 2016 Feb 17, 6:29pm

Pope Francis stepped back from a crowd during a handshaking event and scolded them for touching him and pulling his sleeves.

The Pope, who was visiting the town of Morelia, Mexico, looks visibly upset in the video shown below as he tells the crowd in Spanish, “Don’t be selfish. Don’t be selfish.” …

I'm pretty sure that's just what Jesus did in the Gospels, right? Hmmm.
Star Bright
Ann Barnhardt • Mon 2016 Feb 15, 6:47pm

…Crucifixion is the most painful death ever invented by man and is where we get our term “excruciating.” …

Vivid and appalling description of what the body goes through during death by crucifixion, by Dr. C. Truman Davis, with additional notes by Ann. Gruesomeness warning, of course.
Todd Starnes, Fox News • Wed 2016 Feb 10, 4:12pm

The name of Jesus is not welcome in the Johnson Space Center newsletter, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The JSC Praise & Worship Club was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name ‘Jesus’ in club announcements that appeared in a Space Center newsletter.…

Megan Giller, Van Winkles • Fri 2016 Jan 29, 7:26pm

…"The book touches upon everything from mind control to a eugenics plot to eliminate the 'inferior races' of our great nation."

Um, no it doesn't. This article about Celestial Seasonings ostensibly, as much as I could stand to read, is full of error, distortion, and gross misrepresentation. Somebody appears to either be an appallingly bad researcher or have some sort of vendetta. There is no truth here.