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Big Fur Hat, I Own the World Report • Wed 2015 Mar 18, 4:56pm

…one of only three built by pioneering industrial designer Brooks Stevens… same guy who built the Weinermobile…

[Interior pictures - beautiful vehicle!]

Marty Padgett, Christian Science Monitor • Fri 2012 Jun 15, 1:17pm
'Car Talk' will continue in reruns and as print column. But after 25 years of puzzles, puns, and other antics, 'Car Talk' will end in September. • Mon 2011 Aug 15, 12:26pm

A historic Ford Tri-Motor will make a stop at the Bartlesville Airport on September 15 — 18. ...played a major role in the development of safe and reliable air transportation in the United States.... manufactured on August 21, 1929.... • Fri 2011 Jul 15, 8:47pm

I'm growing sour on travel. I have always disliked it. When I was a kid my parents took us all over Europe and the Caribbean, and it really exhausted me. Now that I'm a grown up, I am better able to articulate why I think travel is a waste of time. Here are four reasons why I think the benefits of travel are largely delusional • Wed 2009 Jun 3, 2:28pm

Don't you hate it when someone steals your parking space? [video]