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WW2 - still with us

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Peter Grier, Christian Science Monitor • Sun 2015 Jun 7, 6:09pm

…Hitler was still asleep at 10 a.m. when Nazi associate and arms minister Albert Speer arrived at the Berghof. He was awakened around noon and told the news. Hitler was not angry, or vindictive – far from it. … “The news couldn’t be better,” Hitler said when informed of the invasion…

[News report video with breif D-Day landing film]

Dave In Texas, Ace of Spades • Sat 2015 Jun 6, 11:39pm

An overview of the D-Day invasion, including a link (under the first photo) to a recording of a CBS radio broadcast covering news of the invasion.…

Dapandico, Weasel Zippers • Sat 2015 Jun 6, 11:05pm

You are about to embark on the Great Crusade toward which we have striven these many months. …

Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Sat 2015 Jun 6, 11:05pm

On June 6th, 2014 an 11-year-old boy wanted to say thank you to the soldiers who fought and died on Omaha beach on D-Day morning 70 years earlier. So his mother took him to Normandy, France.

Fox / AP • Fri 2015 May 29, 8:03am

Some 20,000 residents in the western German city of Cologne are being forced to evacuate their homes after authorities discovered a 200-kilogram (440-pound) bomb from World War II. Schools and kindergartens remained closed and dozens of ambulances were on the scene to evacuate residents of a nursing home.…

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Dave In Texas, Ace of Spades • Fri 2015 May 8, 10:42am

70 years ago today the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. …

Fox / AP • Mon 2015 Apr 27, 10:36am

WRIGHTSTOWN, New Jersey – The ground shook near a New Jersey military base as an explosives team detonated a 500-pound (225-kilogram) World War II-era bomb… had been discovered Thursday during excavation for a new building at Middlesex County College, which is on the site of the former Raritan Arsenal.…

Video by Cpl. Isaac Ibarra, dvidshub • Thu 2015 Apr 16, 11:25pm

Capt. Jerry Yellin, from Fairfield, Iowa, flew the final combat mission in World War II. World War II veterans visit Iwo Jima for the 70th anniversary Mar. 21 in commemoration of the end of World War II.

Mike Erwin, Examiner-Enterprise • Mon 2015 Mar 30, 3:58pm

Pawhuska OK - Wesley Jackson was looking for old coins when he unearthed a large metal object… identified as an old artillery shell… about 13 inches tall and weighed around 10 pounds… [possibly] a “non-explosive” training shell from decades ago, possibly World War II-era…

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William Cole, • Wed 2015 Mar 25, 4:52pm

The Pentagon is considering ordering the exhumation of nearly 400 sailors and Marines who died on the battleship USS Oklahoma on Dec. 7, 1941, and were buried as "unknowns" at Punchbowl cemetery, so they can be identified and returned to families.

Those exhumations could be followed by the disinterment of unknowns killed on the battleships California and West Virginia,and other World War II losses, as the U.S. military tries to increase its annual identification of Americans missing from past wars. …

Gemma Mullin and Emma Glanfield, Daily Mail UK • Tue 2015 Mar 24, 7:05pm

…Thousands of people who were forced to flee their homes after a five foot long unexploded Second World War bomb was discovered under a former pensioners centre have been allowed to return after it was safely removed.

Residents were evacuated in Southwark, south east London, yesterday morning after the 1.000lb German ordnance was discovered by builders under the old site of the Southwark Irish Pensioners. …

Silas Allen, NewsOK • Sun 2015 Mar 22, 8:07pm

On the night of August 5, 1945, Takashi Tanemori was asleep in a bomb shelter in Hiroshima, Japan, when a bomb went off in his dreams. … Over the next 40 years, Tanemori would go to college, convert to Christianity, attend seminary and become a Baptist minister. Along the way, he also opened a Japanese restaurant in California. But 40 years later, Tanemori was still bitter. …

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Fox News / AP • Sat 2015 Mar 21, 6:01pm

IOTO, Japan – Dozens of aging U.S. veterans, many in their early 90s and some in wheelchairs, gathered on the tiny, barren island of Iwo Jima on Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of one of the bloodiest and most iconic battles of World War II.

More than 30 veterans flown in from the U.S. island territory of Guam toured the black sand beaches where they invaded the deeply dug-in forces of the island's Japanese defenders in early 1945. …

Hollywood Reporter • Wed 2014 Jul 9, 6:23pm

Hessy Taft, the winner of a 1935 contest commissioned by the Nazis in Germany to find the most beautiful Aryan baby, recently revealed that she is Jewish. … Hans Ballin, a well-known photographer, to have the 6-month-old's picture taken. Unbeknownst to her, Taft's image soon turned up on the cover of Sonne ins Hause, a Nazi family magazine. Taft's mother, terrified, asked the photographer about it, and was told that he knew the family was Jewish and submitted the photo to the contest to make the Nazis look "ridiculous." …

Thomas W. Hazlett, Reason Magazine • Sat 2014 Jun 7, 6:04pm

The best-laid plans of the Supreme Allied Command were almost immediately rendered moot; the massive landing amounted to a chaotic dumping of troops into a very hostile environment. Allied forces landed out of position, units were a shambles, and radio communications were knocked out.

But Ambrose identifies a crucial difference between the German and Allied fighting men. The Germans were hamstrung by sweeping orders issued from far away. In contrast, the Allies relied on mid-level and junior-grade officers issuing impromptu commands based on facts gleaned first-hand.

There is no more dramatic example of F.A. Hayek's seminal discovery: the importance of dispersed information--"knowledge of time and place." [From 1999 Dec issue]

Ben Johnson, Historic UK • Thu 2014 Jun 5, 3:19pm

Alarm bells rang throughout MI5 …was the crossword being used to tip-off the Germans?

Two officers were sent immediately to Leatherhead in Surrey, where a man called Leonard Dawe lived. He was the crossword compiler, a 54 year-old teacher.

Why, the officers demanded to know, had he chosen these five words within his crossword solutions?

“Why not?” was Dawe’s indignant reply. Was there a law against choosing whatever words he liked?

Fox News/AP • Mon 2012 Nov 5, 6:27pm

…skeletal remains of a pigeon discovered in the chimney of a house in southern England carried a mysterious, long-forgotten message from World War II. … was almost certainly returning from Nazi-occupied France during the June 1944 D-Day invasion. … coded, an unusual measure generally reserved for the most sensitive secrets. … now trying to unravel the message using World War II logbooks.

Joe Todd, Examiner-Enterprise • Thu 2012 Oct 18, 7:30pm

I was positioned in a small foxhole on the downside of Capmon Hill where we were set up in a defensive arrangement for a couple of weeks after the invasion of Leyte, and I will never forget my shock one morning, when I heard that Lt Williams, and SGT Corn had apparently gotten out of their holes, for whatever reason, and were shot by one of our men because he did not know who they were, or they did not ID themselves.

I had never discussed this with anyone much at the time, so I do not know the particulars, except this is a thing that happens in war, on occasion, and we were warned to stay put in our foxholes at night, for this very reason.

This is about all I can tell you about this tragic incidence. I am 89 years of age, nearly 90, in December, and my wife passed away one year ago, I am alone now. Dick was one of my favorite friends in our Company B, and as I stated earlier herein, I held as a friend, and a friend lost, when he died. He is in my memory always.

Allan Hall at the Mail Online • Sat 2012 Jul 7, 8:09pm

Astonishing letter reveals how Führer ordered Gestapo to leave his WW1 commander alone

Larry Getlen, NY Post • Mon 2012 Jun 4, 10:26pm
a BBC documentary now airing in Britain, reveals that not only did British officials provide the Japanese with all the technology and know-how they used to attack Pearl Harbor, but that for 20 years, a distinguished British peer fed them so much crucial military information that, without his actions, the attack might never have happened.
War News Updates Editor • Wed 2012 Apr 18, 8:04pm

My father served in the Soviet Army during the Second World War, and while it was easy to make him talk about the war (especially after a few drinks .... and always with his war buddies) .... he and his war buddies always got silent whenever one of them would mention the time that they liberated a small Polish camp filled with Russian Slavs and Jews near the end of the war.

As a young child .... and later as an adult .... seeing 5-6 hardened decorated Soviet veterans of the Second World War going completely silent at the same instant when that war experience was mentioned .... the hard look on their faces when they sipped or gulped their vodka .... not even able to look at each other .... I have .... and I will .... never forget that. I know that my father and his comrades experienced some horrible things in that war .... and they always talked about it among themselves .... but that experience of liberating that camp is the only one that they could never talk about in depth .... even when they were totally stoned drunk.

Daily Mail (UK) • Tue 2012 Mar 20, 8:54pm

Extraordinary images merge images of European city streets in war and peace • Thu 2011 Sep 1, 10:34pm

'I will never forgive Goebbels for what he brought into this world,' said Frau Pomsel. 'And the fact that he could murder his innocent children in this way. • Mon 2011 Aug 15, 12:33pm

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked 66 years ago. 30 years ago Paul Fussell wrote this important essay, 'Thank God for the Atom Bomb'. 21 year old 2nd Lt. Fussell commanded infantry in WWII France. Later, he had to sit around waiting to invade Japan and die. That was the general expectation of the vets of the European theater - they didn't think they'd survive Japan. Then Aug 6th happened. • Fri 2011 Jun 10, 9:30am

US FlagSurvivors from a World War II-era minesweeper sinking have traveled from across the state and country to celebrate their reunion in the City of Legends this week. During their stay in Bartlesville, the veterans — who survived an attack on the USS Salute on June 8, 1945 — will see local hot spots such as Discovery 1 Park, Frank Phillips Home and Woolaroc. • Mon 2011 Jun 6, 5:55pm

US FlagWalter Ehlers's squad scrambled up the beach at Normandy in France under heavy German fire, and all his men survived that historic turning point of June 6, 1944. • Thu 2011 May 12, 12:56pm

MUNICH (Reuters) - A German court convicted John Demjanjuk on Thursday for his role in the killing of 28,000 Jews in the Sobibor Nazi death camp, then set the 91-year-old free because of his age. ... Stephan J. Kramer, secretary general of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told Reuters that the verdict was "not revenge but the execution of justice, even 65 years later." Victims' groups said the main point for them was the guilty verdict and they refrained from criticizing the decision to set Demjanjuk free.