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Best of Spirits

A mellow little ditty of reassurance

Verse added on 1996 Dec 13
Subjects: blessings, patience, perseverance, assurance
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A disease infects the local systems of the cosmic mind. Humor in a Urantian vein.

Text added on 1996 Dec 4
Subjects: religion, revelation, humor, Lucifer, devil, virus, Urantia
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Empty Fridge
Love's Lost and Found

How about a cuppa, sugar, for a starving artist?

Verse added on 1996 Dec 3
Subjects: love, abandonment, hunger, blues, food, humor
Radical Incline

Each tends to attack the weak points of the other and dismiss the baby with the bathwater.

Text added on 1996 Nov 20
Subjects: religion, science, theology, faith, Jesus
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Scrooge toy

Spiritual truth cannot rely on external Authority

Text added on 1996 Nov 6
Subjects: Urantia, authority, spirituality, revelation, Spirit of Truth
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Intersection of Church & State
Radical Incline

Are U.S. Constitutional religious rights refused non-aligned religionists?

Text added on 1996 Apr 30
Subjects: liberty, religious liberty, law, justice, human right
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What is this? My personal introduction, for those who don't know about the "fifth epochal revelation" to our world.

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