A Priest Walks Into a Bar

Kooky hate crusaders One Million Moms have set their glassy sights on the new FOX drama "Lucifer," which they claim is "spiritually dangerous."
says someone at LGBTQNation (yeah, well, whatever)

Funny thing, last night I just watched the latest episode, "A Priest Walks Into a Bar." Actually praiseworthy - I had no idea they would go so far in promoting a spiritual outlook; the Priest's faith and sincerity really gets to the snarky Lucifer character like nothing has so far in the series.

It is true that the comic-book based "Lucifer" show has as little relation to the Iniquitous One as Hogan's Heroes had to do with real concentration camps in WW2, and for some ignorant folk (in either case) it might be confusing, but for what it is, the series has actually hooked me for its approach. Kinda fun as a sci-fi cop show.